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Your clients are our guests, and we never forget that every aspect of their experience communicates the value of your brand. The De Rust Outdoor team customizes each event to fit your needs and audience demands. We have a long history of building brands through fun, face-to-face, mobile and live consumer experiences. Our clients include Ford, Mazda, BMW, Nissan, Volvo and Land Rover. We strive to create programs that envelop the client, press and consumer in the total brand experience.


Some call it experiential marketing, we call it just another day at work and play.



How we operate programs and events on behalf of our clients is what truly separates us from all other providers in the field. We research, develop, execute and create legacy value for what our clients NEED, but more importantly and more lasting, what our clients WANT.


This is a critical distinction for us and not just a question of semantics. Quite simply, to deliver what a client wants is the guarantee of sustainability and of memories that outlast the purely operational and logistics needs of most projects.


This is enhanced by an almost "spiritual" overlay that truly enhances the value of our services every day, with every client and in every market. Our loyalty to our people, our partners and our clients is a result of never wavering from our core values and principles.


This is based on a consistent standard of how we treat people and how we deliver excellence in everything we do. It is this nearly intangible, totally customized value that represents the uniquely integrated and cohesive guarantee of delivery that is De Rust Outdoor.

Strategy and Planning


“Scripted Precision”, our development process, is divided into two phases, the creative process and the functional activation process. The first step in all of this is listening to our client's goals and objectives. The challenge is in the details, and we begin with a broad overlay of the creative concept with various tactical variables depending on client need. These include, but are not limited to, creative direction and development, sponsorship development, site inspections and venue assessment, public relations and marketing activation assistance.


The only way to achieve flawless execution is with precision planning and, what truly separates us from others, the simple distinction of risk (problem) avoidance rather than risk (problem) management. We train our people to follow this philosophy and we constantly evaluate and activate better ways to deliver safe and sustainable services.


Planning an event is an important aspect of what we do, but remaining level-headed and flexible is a true asset of every one of our team members. De Rust Outdoor completes a weekly operational meeting where all current projects are reviewed and lessons learned shared.


We also believe that the feedback we receive from our client during and after each completed program forms the backbone of our corporate improvement philosophy.



The foundation for enhancing and ensuring the success of any event begins with solid research and strategic and tactical insights to gauge the brand's connection to its target market. Once this information is gathered and evaluated, we work closely with our clients to establish clear goals and objectives and measurable benchmarks for the project.


Post-event, we measure the effectiveness of all facets of the program including communication, brand awareness and sales and marketing goals. We do this through in-depth interviews, focus groups, online surveys, media feedback and on-site surveys.

Management & Delivery


By partnering with De Rust Outdoor, you gain the benefit of consistent, "round-the-clock" support from our team of professional event planners and operations experts, who assist the designated Program Manager in their specific areas of expertise.


The Project Manager is the communications conduit who focuses on coordinating the strategic planning, technical development, program implementation, integration and overall coordination of the event. This approach offers our clients a cost-effective, non-duplicative answer to dynamic project and economic variables, eliminating the need for increased headcount or multiple subcontractors.


Communication, progress management and consistent, regular reporting plays a critical role in keeping the project on time and within budget. Detailed reporting guidelines are always established, as well as a schedule of meetings to ensure adherence to all specifications.


De Rust Outdoors will help you achieve success in all your endeavours. We offer a full range of project development services to assist with your events, operations and maintenance.


De Rust Outdoor works with our clients to develop a timeline and project schedule. If internal or external factors lead to a variance in the timeline, we immediately alert those parties involved so that we can remedy the situation before it becomes a factor.

Results & Bottom Line


“You get what you can measure.” This statement is a guiding principle in everything we do. By taking the time to understand the business benefits of the experience our client wishes to create, we develop an integrated measurement plan that encompasses both offline and online data, starting with a "current state" analysis.


Doing upfront benchmarking allows us to accurately access the impact an event had on meeting our client's goals. If we see things are not trending in the right direction we will make changes in messaging, execution or touch points, mid-stream, to ensure results are delivered.


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